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witch set adoptable / butterfly (#1)
check another two witches at the description

star witch #2 - https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/S4US/witch-set-adoptable-star-2/
rainbow witch #3 - https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/S4UQ/witch-set-rainbow-3/

After purchase you will get all rights to this character and psd/png files

Sb: 25$
Mb: 1$


• from 100$ – full body version of character (and of course I design it with chibi and it will be adoptable reference) and 2 emoticons*

*You can choose a pose and emotions for fullbody version and emoticons

- report new owner

Payment rules:
- Only PayPal. 100% prepayment
- You can not: ask for a refund or exchange
- Please don’t mark “for friends or family” for payment because PayPal prohibits

Samples These are examples of finished art

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