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Adopt Auction - Leafeon
Pokemon Themed Adopt

The next one up from the Eeveelution is Leafeon. I have also added 2 more outfits to the chibi poses, I hope you like them. ^^

If you want to see a better resolution of this image, just click on the magnifier or on the image itself to see it.

You'll get a full image and transparent image of the character too.

IMPORTANT: When you win, please reach out to me through social media I have linked down below. It would be the best idea to avoid using this website for contact just for safety due to recent imposters trying to pretend to be an artist. I don't want you to fall for that trap, thanks!

SB: $120
MI: $5
AB: $400

-> $250 - Will also include shiny version or other color variants of your choice

Ends: When the timer runs out or unless auto-buy.

-Only through Paypal
-Once you get it's yours. You can do whatever you want with them.
-Serious bids only, please
-Have fun! <3

You can reach out to me there:

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