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YCH Sketchbook / Artbook

Hello bunnies! I bring you something new that I'm currently developing, so please, read it carefully :)

I am selling a custom traditional sketchbook for your OCs ❤

✦ 1x character only per sheet
✦ Humans / Kemonomimis / Anthro / Ferals
✦ SFW and/or NSFW art
✦ Full Body + Half Body + Portraits
✦ Watercolor + Colored Pencils + Promarkers
✦ Default 12x A5 Sheets


Starting Bid : 100$
Min. Inc : 10$
AB : 450$

Bid Goals
- read carefully -

SB : 12x A5 Sheets ( 8x B&W sketches + 4x partial colored sketches )
230$ : 12x A5 Sheets ( 2x B&W sketches + 4x partial colored sketches + 6x fully colored drawings )
320$ : 12x A5 Sheets ( 2x B&W sketches + 4x partial colored sketches + 6x fully colored drawings ) + 2x A4 Sheets ( 1x B&W drawing + 1x partial colored sketch )
AB : 12x A5 Sheets + 4x A4 Sheets ( you can totally choose their quality )


✦ +15$ to Europe ( It takes up to 5 days to arrive )
✦ +25$ to Rest of the World ( it takes up to 1 week and half to arrive )


Packing & Extra Info

✦ It will take me about 1 month to finish the Sketchbook
✦ You will receive the drawings fully laminated so they don't get damaged
✦ Digital Scanned versions will be provided


✦ Paypal Payment only!
✦ Only Bid if you truly want this piece ! If you fail to communicate after the auction you will be black listed
✦ Payment plan available ( I will only start the commissions once I get the whole payment / refunds not available ! )
✦ Personal use only
✦ Leave a comment bellow or send me a note if you have any questions !

Auction ends 24h after the last bid or at AB

Samples These are examples of finished art

EllisSG's portfolio

Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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