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Making a figurine to order!

The photo shows an example of one of my works.
- The winner of the auction will have the opportunity to order a figure with his character.

"Super simple"

Price: from $50

Size: 5-10 centimeters

A stylized animal or cartoon character, not many details or simple details (like horns, hats, tails, simple clothes), simple catwalk design.


Cost: from $90.

Size: 12-15 centimeters

Stylized anthro, furry, beast, monster, and so on.
It can have details such as horns, hats, tails, wings, detailed catwalk, dynamic pose, and emotions.

"Paired or highly detailed"

Price: from $150

Size: 7-18 for each character, depends on your wishes and price


— I can take any animal without any problems, from a dragon to a bony dog, but I can't take work on a human character;

— If you have a specific pose, art or idea for implementation, you can safely provide it as a basis (under this condition, it is even possible to get a small discount), or rely on my imagination;

— If you want, you can see your character in the work plan and be able to adjust it, as well as ask for more precise details/change something this is not included in the price;

- 50% payment after a few days from the start of work, the rest before sending mail. So you will be sure that the work will be done

— The price does not include delivery (here by agreement);

— Payments only pay pal;


Thank you for your attention.

Samples These are examples of finished art

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