Magnifying glass
Starting bid

Knee up Commission slot

USD, Paypal only
100% payment within 2 days after auction ends.
No refunds

Аny gender, race or body type
Human or humanoid preferred

NSFW +50% of the price
Detailed background +5-20$ (depends on detalization)
Complex designs, armor, or weapons +5-20$
Filled / gradient background - FREE

20$ line
30$ - flat color
45$ - color + shading
70$ - full render, complex color

+ Character +50% of the trier's price

Сlear references of the character(s) you’re commissioning are highly welcomed.
Deadline - 4-14 days

(Feel free to dm me or leave comments if you have any questions about the price or commission in general)

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hokan's portfolio

Questions and comments Be civil and on topic

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