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Blue lagoon (ych by HayamaRaimu)

I start working within one month. The deadline for completing the work after the sketch is approved is one week.

SB $1 - Color sketch. Without rendering, as in the preview.
$50 - Color sketch with minimal rendering.
$75 - Color sketch with medium level of detail.
$150 - full render
$250 + nude version *

* - at the discretion of the buyer.

underwear of your choice
change the character.
adding tails, ears, wings, and horns.
furry faces that look like human faces.
sex change
detailed background
mechanical parts of the body

Full prepayment via PayPal.
Prepayment is non-refundable.
Payment must be made within 48 hours after the auction ends.
I would be immensely grateful if you would make sure that I receive the full amount by accepting the Commission for the money transfer.

I reserve the right to publish this art on my social networks. If you are against publishing, let me know in advance!

Please only send your own characters when ordering NSFW! If you order NSFW with someone else's characters, then I need the proofs of that. that the author of these characters has consented to the depiction of his characters in the Nude!

I can resell this YCH multiple times, but if the amount you paid is $ 150, then this maximum detail slot will only be yours, and YCH will no longer be resold.

My Twitter @HayamaRaimu

Samples These are examples of finished art

HayamaRaimu's portfolio

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