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Starting bid

Chunky Sumo Shiba Inu - Adoptable

MI: 5

+50 - Color pallette changes ( If you dont like the color pallete I can put anothers instead)
+75 - 3 Simple sketches with NSFW tematic.
+200 - + 2 Simple sketches NSFW with kink tematic. (5 sketches in total)


-Before they adoption you can change the sex, color pallete etc.
-I'll give you the sheet without watermarks.
-Payment within 24 hours
-Contact me as fast as you can
-Winner will pay via Paypal or Payoneer
-No refunds
-The Winner will have all the rights of this adoptable but please give me credits for the desing.

My Social media:
https://twitter.com/ReekyWitch (Is a new account appart of my main account)

Samples These are examples of finished art

ReekyWitch's portfolio

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