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Starting bid
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Valleen Rosewood
Motherly Elf Wizard

Starting Bid - $80
Minmum increment - $5
AUTOBUY - $300

The winner will receive a zip file with un-watermarked, clothed and nude versions PNG file of this character. In addition, a chance at possible alterations (see below) and receive character rights. An amended/change to the character name can be done with no additional charge.

AUTOBUY BONUS: If the winner uses the autobuy option, I will provide limited edits to the character at no extra charge. Limits include color changes, slight proportion changes and slight clothing edits.

1. The winning bidder must contact me through DMs on my twitter ( https://twitter.com/LurkerGg ) or through commishes within 24 hours. If you fail to do so then the win will be voided.
2. Payment must be through a paypal invoice.
3. Once the purchase is complete, the winner may alter/change the character design and details as they see fit.
4. You may NOT resell the character rights for more than you purchased them for.

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