Magnifying glass
Starting bid

I will animate your art

an example of what I mean by animating your art

you can see my work in my profile

The higher the bid, the more effective art.
you can send me the music that you would like to see the animation and I will insert it into the work (this music must be publicly available)



Payment within 48 hours after I contacted you.
I start to do after full prepayment.

The work will be completed within about 30 days.

Your character of any race and gender(Pony, human, cat, a wolf, a dragon and others)

- Please don’t bid if you don’t have the money

- I will contact you by email address, etc.

I reserve the right to publish this art on my social networks. If you are against publishing, let me know in advance!

Samples These are examples of finished art

SteppeToSteppe's portfolio

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