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🌌 Epoxy sketchbook 🌌

Epoxy sketchbook with any photo/your art/art with your character.
Important: you should have art for the sketchbook, I don’t make arts. (I accept nsfw-arts only with a bid of 50$ or more)

🌌<25$ - epoxy cover on one side, PVC on the other
🌌25$< - epoxy covers on both sides

You may buy several sketchbooks. Price of 1 sketchbook = 1 your winning bid.

🌌The sketchbook cover is half-transparent. White in the art = 100% transparency on the cover. It is best to choose colored art with a background
🌌 Material - epoxy resin
🌌 Size: 17.5 cm x 10.5 cm
🌌 The sketchbook rings can be opened, so you can change the paper

🌌 Shipping 15$ (may be a little higher if you buy several sketchbooks)

🌌 Payment within 48 hours. Only PayPal.

🌌 More works:

I use google translator for communication

Samples These are examples of finished art

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