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Starting bid

Tamagotchi ych
please read desc. and bid accordingly:)


*plain sketch (little color, no shade ) - $5
*lineart - $8
*clean lineart + flat color - $11
*shaded - $16
*second tamagotchi - 50% of original price

^^Payment is requested AFTER I send you the rough sketch of the character. Minor details to the sketch are changeable to fit your liking. You will receive the finished artwork after payment. ^^

-simple background (please specify colour or it'll be light blue. )

-female, male, nb available

-1-3 day delivery

!please be super specific with the details of the character. please list the following if you don't have reference images!

*eye colour/colours
*skin colour
*clothing (preferably with references)
*hair colour/colours
*hair style (preferably with references)
*any other important details like birthmarks, scars, etc.
*tamagotchi colour/design (preferably with a reference)

thank you for supporting me!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Oriikatt's portfolio

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