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Mechanic Girl Adopt
please read the description!

✭ Hello! This hot mechanic girl is looking for her master.

✭ You can read reviews of satisfied customers at this link: https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/roychan/

✭ The starting bid includes PSD and PNG files of the character, as well as the full right to use it. Additional rewards are listed below. (All positions are summed up):

1)$60 - SB

2)$80 + additional hair style

2)$110 + Emotion pack x4

3)$160 + back view

4)$200 + nude version

5)$300 + SFW/NSFW art of your choice

6)$550 + NSFW collage (up to 5 poses)

7)AB - 2-3 SFW/NSFW-comic pages (1 page = 3-5 frames) according to your wishes + 20% lifetime discount on my commissions with this characters + my huge thanks <3

✭ Rules:
- Visual references of your poses for collage are required.
- Payment by several parts is possible. (from 200$).
- Only invoices!
- Getting the picture ready after payment usually takes up to two weeks
- Payment must be completed within 72 hours after you win the auction.
- No delays. Please make bets if you are sure that you will be able to pay!

✭ Thank you and good luck!

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