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Play YCH (AL220)
Please read the description before placing a bet

language: RUS/ENG/KAZ

SB - Sketch. without color, without a shadow (1000 х 1000 jpeg)

20$ - Sketch drawing, flat color, without a shadow (1000 х 1000 jpeg)

30$ - Full Line, flat color, without a shadow (3000 х 3000 jpeg)

60$ - Sketch drawing with a colored background, with color and good shadows(Background as in the picture) (5000 х 5000 jpeg and PNG)

80$ - Full Line with a colored background, with color and good shadows.(Background as in the picture) (5000 х 5000 jpeg and PNG)

(50$+) - Without clothes

(80$+) - Your version of clothing (Your character's clothing otherwise any with examples)

180$ - All of the above, plus sending the drawing to your email in .Sai format .Psd



Full Line:

Drawing settings.
- Girl, femboy, tomboy, trap, futa.

- Only human

What do I need.

- Paypal only

- I like to work fast, so I would like to get paid and a character description as soon as possible

- The payment is not refundable, I will only be able to refund the payment if I can't draw a drawing for you within a month

- Payment should be made after I show you WIP with your character

- After sending WIP if payment is not made within 48 hours YCH will be canceled

What I can offer you.

- I will be able to draw you a drawing within 2-48 hours (after sending the payment), depending on the complexity of the drawing.

- I am always happy to give discounts to regular customers, and if you want to buy my drawing (which I will be very happy) but you do not have a couple of dollars for example for a full line, I am ready to go to a meeting and make a small discount.

- If you are my regular customer (which you can become by purchasing 3 drawings with a full line) I will be happy to draw you free drawings during the holiday seasons, such as Christmas, or Halloween

Samples These are examples of finished art

AL220's portfolio

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