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Helltaker 2 (YCH by miclipse)

Hi!~ Before you place a bet, please read this!~

SB - sketch
10$ - Flat colored sketch
35$ - Full colored sketch
60$ - Full art
80$ - + underwear ver (you can choose any other underwear)
100$ - + nude ver
150$ - All of the above, I can add tentacles/phallus, etc. + 10% discount on all my auctions

(I'm saving up for a new computer before my old laptop dies ТТ)

(I can sell ych several times, but if your bid reaches 60$, this art will only be for you)


Only PayPal. Prepayment of 100%.
- You can not: ask for a refund or exchange.
- You can choose any of your characters (Human, anthro, pony, but only girl!)
I NOT DRAW fox, wolf anthro, insects!!!
- You can choose any hairstyle and clothes
- I can draw another emotion and change her face.
- I can add her ears, horns, wings.
- I can change the background, but for an extra fee (but I'm very bad at backgrounds, so I can't tackle something complex)


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