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Starting bid

YCH Sleepy
Any race

Check out my portfolio: https://portfolio.commishes.com/user/secubu/
You can see the reviews of my customers at the link: https://loot.commishes.com/user/profile/secubu/

SB - 15$
MB - 5$

❤️ Starting bid - bw sketch NO BACKGROUND

❤️ 30$ - coloured sketch
Example: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/ACKL/

❤️ 60$ - flat shading
Example: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/94BR/

❤️ 100$ - detailed shading
Example: https://portfolio.commishes.com/upload/show/AGR2/

❤️ 150$ - Nude version

Background's additional price depends on its complexity.
- Only PayPal. Prepayment of 100%. No refunds.
- Breasts size is optional
- Body type is optional too!
- Any race. You can choose any of your characters
- You can choose any hairstyle and accessories, giving me art, photography or description
- Any face expression

Samples These are examples of finished art

Secubu's portfolio

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