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- meow :3 - 5$ - YCH ^^
Your final sketch will be much better than a sketch of the idea itself.

Thanks in advance for participating.

1. I can change clothes to any of yours.

2. I can change the emotion.

3. I can change the hair and their length for your character.

SB - no color sketch

20$ - flat colored sketch

40$ - full(this includes light and shadows, processing) colored sketch

50$ - orderly line, base color and shade.

80$ - full art, detailed Shading\full Render. + BACKGROUND

For a bet of $ 80, I can draw one additional sketch.

For a bet of $ 100 or more I can draw: a sketch b / w, a color sketch.

For a bet of $ 200 I can draw: any sketch b / w, as well as a color sketch, as well as full-fledged art on the shoulders and art in full growth.

For a bet of $ 300, I can also draw: any sketch b / w, as well as a color sketch, also full-fledged shoulder art and full-length art AND THE CONCEPT OF ART for your character!


- Payment only on PAYPAL

- I work only on an advance payment! Only then I draw.

- The time for payment from the end of the auction is given 24 hours.

- Deadline 1-2 weeks.

Thank you very much for likes, subscribing and participating in the auction. You are the best! Good day to you!

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