Magnifying glass
Starting bid

I'm all yours
+ NSFW version

Paypal only (USD) 100% prepayment

Only girls (pony, furry, human)

I can draw any of your characters, just provide me with art and your wishes.

I can add her ears, horns, wings.

SB 1$ - black and white sketch
MI 1$
5$ - black and white blank sketch
10$ - flat colored sketch
20$ - full colored sketch
25$ - flat colored lineart
40$ - full detailed color, full art
50$ - semi realism style

If you pay additional half of start price for every position from 10$, I'll also draw NSFW version of your art.


Semi realism style:

Payment within 24 hours after the auction ends

Start of work after full payment
Lead time - 10 days or less

You cannot ask for a refund exchange

Samples These are examples of finished art

Metalkrot's portfolio

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