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YCH Auction

Cute sakura walk with you're date!

Rules of my auction~

Just some info || RULES

- Female || Or male turned into female

- Body can be altered - hips/bust/etx can be smaller/bigger

- Paypal Only | No echecks | Don't be rude

- Please be prepared to pay within a day or so of winning or I will have to repost

- Any species || If unsure, note me and we can talk about details! BG is always included

- I reserve the right to decline a character I cannot do justice to I've never had to put I want to put it out there just incase

- Any outfit!

- Cute speech bubbles can be added!

- If there is anything else I need to add to this auction I will add in bold

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to do this piece!!

AB- If autobid, this piece can be expanded into a 4 panel comic



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