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Angels with Broken Hearts cameo #5

This auction is for a cameo in the on-going webcomic "Angels with Broken Hearts".

Angels with Broken Hearts is a webcomic that explores the lives of many characters from the visual novel "Angels with Scaly Wings".

The cameo being auctioned here includes your character being shown in 1 oversized panel as a person going about their day outside of a local café on page 18 of AwBH's current chapter.

The cameo spot auctioned here will be for the left silhouette in the panel seen above.

Winning this auctions means we will also work with you to create a dragon character appropriate for the AwSW universe - or if you already have a dragon character, we will make a design image in our style (although some details may have to be changed to fit the universe).

Should you already have such an image from our artist, we will add another view or emotion to expand it to a character sheet that way.

This image will be made by Dahlia Wilder, the artist responsible for coming up with the visual design of all original characters in "Angels with Scaly Wings" and "Angels with Broken Hearts".

Should the winner of this auction be a patron of our ongoing Patreon campaign for Angels with Broken Hearts, they will receive a discount on their winning bid equal to their lifetime support of the campaign (the total amount they have pledged to our campaign so far) - or in case they have won before, the discount will equal their lifetime support minus the sum of all their winning bids from prior auctions.

For more information about "Angels with Scaly Wings" and "Angels with Broken Hearts": angelswithscalywings.com

Legal disclaimer: Winning this auction means you will grant us unlimited rights to display your character as part of the comic in the pages that are described in this auction wherever we choose to release our comic pages and in whatever form we wish with no further compensation from either party.

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