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Starting bid
Buy this now! Autobuy enabled Bid more than $300.00 to own this piece immediately

Male Dakimakura YCH
Masculine non-male and Furry OC also Accepted!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT PROVIDE THE PILLOW NOR THE PILLOWCASE! I only provide the art that you can then print via the site of your choice!

>> Starting Bid: $100
>> Increments: $5
>> Autobuy: $300

Bid tiers:
Tier1 (100 to 149$): two version of the same pose, sfw and nsfw
Tier2 (150 to 199$): two different sfw poses
Tier3 (200 to 249$): two different poses, one sfw, the other nsfw
Tier4 (250 to 299$): two different nsfw poses

note: the winner of the auction is allowed to ask for any tier lower or equal to the one their bid equate to: IE if the winner won with a bid of 250$ they can ask for the two sfw pose instead of the nsfw ones if they want to.

If Auto-bought the winner will get both tier 2 and tier 4 art! aka 4 pics!


- YOU MUST HAVE A VISUAL REFERENCE OF YOUR CHARACTER! (no text description and such or "patchwork" of 50 parts!)
- Masculine characters only (it include cis males, trans males, masculine non-binary characters, masculine girls, etc)
- Any species (the more humanoid the better tho)
- Face can be either humanoid or with a small muzzle (see example) https://i.gyazo.com/87577149626e79b97ebc1ab12102c165.png
- your character must be 18+, as a sexual oriented pic i wont draw any minor for it, no negotiations, "aging up" do not count!
- your character's design might be subject to alterations to fit the picture if needed (ex smaller wings/tail, smaller snout, etc)
- im willing to change the body type but i have limit (i can make it a little bit chubbier or add breasts or an additional set of arms,etc)
- no overly complex designs please! (IE mecha with 500parts or 45 wings)
- you MUST be able to pay withing TWO DAYS once you won the auction if you cant or arent sure then please dont bid.

finished Daki examples


Samples These are examples of finished art

Arleedraw's portfolio

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