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-any species - any gender - any bodytipe- any clothing


__ what i can do
-any species - any gender - any bodytipe- really fanservice borderline nsfw - oc and fanart allowed - any clothing - any expression-
***pillows included***

- 10 usd = lineart
- 15 usd = flat coloring
- 30 usd = shading
- 40 usd = nsfw version + regular version

__ payment via paypal, i'll start you commission after getting the money - please be able to send the payment between 48 hours the aution ends

__if you wanna contact me faster use discord <: yuwi#2489

IMPORTANT_____the picture is just a representation of the position your character will be in, the actual art will be drawn on top of it so don't be shy if your character is drastically different to the example (: ___

Samples These are examples of finished art

Yuyuwii's portfolio

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