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Lady YCH

Normal (clothes/nightie/lingerie) - 20$;
Naked top - 30$ (naked but tail covers ass, in nightie with visible breasts);
Full naked (nsfw) - 50$.

Can be drawn without ears and tail.

- The more you pay, the more I will spend on your drawing;
- No refunds after the work has been started;
- Only girls, сan be human, demon, angel, elf, have horns, cat ears, etc.;
- Any outfit/underwear;
- This pose could be used again.

The work will be started after full payment, paypal$.
Payment must be done within the next 48 hours, after the end of the raffle. If you won't provide full payment, you'll lose the auction (possibly blacklisted).

Deadline 2-6 days.

Samples These are examples of finished art

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