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3 emotes YCH! human/furry/pony
thanks so much for the interest!! <3

-i can do anthro, human, and ponies <3 ocs or fictional characters!
-have a reference ready please!
-be ready to pay within 48 hours (PAYPAL ONLY)
-keep in mind, complicated character designs won't show up as well (and may cost extra!!)
-credit me as the artist of the emotes! thank you!
-AB = extra 2 emotes! thanks so much! <3

HERE ARE OPTIONS (pick any combo of three):
-Depressed/Ded (Either looking sad or laying down, depressed)
-Lewd (Two options: Lewd sign or Ahegao-like thing)
-Love/Heart eyes

more can be fleshed out during discussion <3

characters: (left to right, top to bottom) aqua - konosuba, blitzy's oc, raphtalia - shield hero <3

the nezuko and raphtalia emotes are available here for free!:

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hanamura_adopts's portfolio

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