Magnifying glass
Starting bid

Sweety chibi

Heya, you character here <3
In the process work I will show you your individual, to you contributed edits for canon.
I do not draw furries and male gender.
I start working after full payment, only a dollar(please consider the commission fees payment system).
If you have any doubts, write me - twitter.com/r52_23

SB - 10$
MI - 1$
AB - no.

10$ - sketch + color.

20$ - line and flatcolor.

30$ - line, flatcolor, shading and light.

40$ - detalise line + and additional objects.

50$ - background and additional objects.

70$ - an additional suit.

80$ - underwear version.

100$ - fully nude version.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Mellise's portfolio

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