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giving us love after work part 3 ych

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Start Bid: 60$
Min Bid: 5$
AB: 100$

Any species, any tails, any ears.
-Adult Characters Only (must be your own character)
-Will Make simple changes
-Body type won't be changed should be as similar as possible
accessories, clothes can be added

Payment via PayPal US Dollars (only). with you paying the paypal fee thanks :D

The full payment must be done within 72 hours of auction closure.
I Reserve the right to refuse bids/offers.

Changes can be done if are simple, just say to me.
- I do simple Backgrounds, complex BG requires extra payment

- The final image will be a fully colored and digital image .PNG.
- The result is going to be similar to the images in my gallery

- I will contact the winner for reference and payment after the auction is closed. The finished product won't take more than two weeks to be done.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Dainoth's portfolio

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