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Surprise box [pony/furry/human]

Another box
I expose them immediately after I finish the previous one

>In this box is a full-fledged erotic picture with any of your character (Furry / Pony / Man / Hero of the cartoon and so on)
>Also, by chance, you can get an extra sketch, full art, and maybe even a small comic.
The size of your bet affects the chance of additional drawings.
>Of course, you won’t know what picture you’ve got and will see it only when it’s finished
>If suddenly your bet turns out to be more than $ 100, then you can get art not with one of your characters, but with two (or two separate artes)
>At a rate of $ 200 and above, you are guaranteed to get a small erotic comic book (from one to four pages)

good luck ;)

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> I'll start drawing after payment
> Please do not bid if you do not intend to buy

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