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Hello there! Here's a sketch/model. You can change her for your favorite character or OC! Just send me some references c:

* If you bid 40$ or more you'll get a NSFW version of it!The outfit of the SFW can be lingerie or their outfits, you can choose that! in a case you want the three versions (Lingerie, outfit, nude) you have to bid 50$ or more to get them! (if not, that's okay, you can bid 40 and get outfit/lingerie and nude!

* ALSO you can make it with halloween costumes if you want ;)

* ONLY PAYPAL! I work with invoices, please remember to send your email address!

* Both versions are full color.

* If you want to change or add some things from the original sketch, be specific in what you want! And do it before i start making the drawing.

* I start working after i get the references, and i send the drawing if the payment has been made.

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