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Starting bid

treat me loud
ych commision

Note: this is just a sketch, the final drawing will be better
Note 2: Work alone, as well as work that will take place from 1 week to 2.

NOTE: I will meet to buy a better quality tablet to draw more detailed drawings. I ask for your support, since in my country it is impossible to be able to buy something of that magnitude, which is not bought from abroad. Thank you

<< SB: $ 25
<< MI: $ 5

-any race
- if it's pony: horns and wings
- can be oc`s or canon
- Any gender

For auctions over $ 25 you will have:
+ flat colors
+ simple background.
For auctions of more than $ 45 or more
+ soft shadow
+ simple background
------ -----------------------------------
If you make an auction of $ 130 or more, full color of:
+ the normal version
+ the nsfw version + back view (can add toys)
+ Fund of your choice
+ a slight change of expression
If you win
- You need to have a reference list (photos, not stories).
- You must be able to pay within 24 hours after the end of the auction.
- I will contact you by email or CRM for additional details / PayPal address, etc.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Andreita14's portfolio

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