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** This is just the sketch

* I am going to change the clothes, hair and accessories accordingly to your character.

* Female human, Elf, Succubus or Kemonomimi only;

** Any Character- OC (Original Character) or fanart;

** No drastic alteration;

* PayPal payments only;
* US Dollar
* No refund after payment

Pay within 48 hours, otherwise you'll lose the auction. The work will be started after full payment.

SB: 50 USD

** Reach 200 can be fully nude and change the expression (if desired)

If you win, I'll send payment info through this website or e-mail.

** For extra commissions send me a message here: https://crm.commishes.com/task/create/galopes

I'll be extremely happy to answer your request ! :)

Thank You.

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