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Friends, I know that perhaps many do not know me, but I started a while ago on the subject of ych. What I mean is that I just started a new plush project and I really hope you can help me. I come with many offers, the one that is interested in obtaining more information, I leave my contact email at the bottom ♥

If the offer exceeds USD 90, the plush will be 50 cm.
Includes 2 simple NSFW sketches with shades of colors and slightly specific (price does not include shipping)

PayPal USD only.

The price of the 30 cm plush has a cost of 55 usd and you will be given a reference with shades of colors and specific (the price does not include shipping)

Payment must be made in advance to avoid misunderstanding

The price covers all the addictions that the plush has.



Samples These are examples of finished art

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