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Automatic bidding Auction on sale This auction is being offered at a discounted rate

Commission slot (HALF)

SB - 5 $
MIN - 1 $
AB - 30 $

At rate 5$ I draw a neat sketch with a light shade

At a rate of $15 I draw line and light shadows

At the rate of $25 I draw a line with a light color and a shad

At a rate of $30 I draw full art with a line and a complex shad. (full art)

> Payment: PayPal

>I only draw Furry, People.

>> When the auction ends, we will discuss your order. You can be the desired pose, emotion or idea of art! All this will be discussed!

I do not draw ponies, eroticism or something like that.
I do not draw complex backgrounds, so only simple ones.
I do not draw ponies, robots and other creatures. Only furries and people.

Payment must be made within 24 hours! Full prepayment!

I draw from one day to a 2 months . I rarely hold my orders and draw quickly

Samples These are examples of finished art

Shorlonkyqw's portfolio

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