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cutie in the bar

It's sketch. Just a rough sketch. The final art will be detailed and flawless. You can see examples of my work in my gallery!

SB - 15$
Min bid - 2$
AB - 80$

50$ - NUDE version

AB - any additional version of your choice (outfit, tentacles, futa and other) + detailed background

Any race - furry, pony, human
Female only.
Any type of hairstyle!
I can add any details and any background.
Pose and clothing can be changed. I can also change the size of the breast

Payment - PayPal, payment must be made in 24 hours after the auction ending.
Art will be ready within two weeks, in case of possible delays I will warn you :)

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hierophant_green's portfolio

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