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Starting bid

Mountain Journey YCH
Please read description!

This is just a rough sketch. The result will be very nice ❤ Check my gallery!

SB : $10 MIN: $5 AB: $50

One character Full body / One Outfit (Dress, Jacket, Armor, Etc) or Complex Accessories / Full Color Ilustration (Character and Background).

-Any Race (pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, sea pony, alicorn, changeling,etc)
-Any Accessories or One Outfit
-Any Gender
-Any Expression

I prefer photo/picture reference but text is ok too.
Work will be ready within 6-9 days.
I'll start working immediately after full payment

- PayPal only. 100% prepayment
- Payment must be made 48 hours after auction has ended

❤ Thank you for participating in the auction! Check my anothers auctions ❤

Samples These are examples of finished art

's portfolio

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