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Emoji Magical Girl #1
Piano, Kiwi, Dice

Finally finished this adopt! I asked for three emojis to make magical girl adopts with. This one was pretty tough to make with the emojis I was given.

Age: 17
Weight: 120 lbs/54 kg
Height: 5'4"/1.6 m
Story: This magical girl used to be a regular high school student. She never really did much other than offer piano lessons to young children on the weekends. One night, she was arriving home late from a lesson, when a fuzzy ball just flew right into her. Ouch! When the creature unrolled itself, he greeted himself as Kiwi. They fight basic bad guys and play board games together.

>$15- Includes a headshot of the characters
>$25- Includes headshot and chibi of both characters
>$40- Includes headshot, chibi, and scenic halfbody of both characters
>$55+ Includes all previously mentioned art + fullbody art of both characters
Base is by Ryno-Chalklut on DeviantArt!
Designs by Esmahasakazoo/Me

Samples These are examples of finished art

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