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Emoji Magical Girl #2
Star, Diamond, Crown

Another magical girl adopt ^^

Age: 22
Weight: 134 lbs/61 kg
Height: 5'7"/1.9 m
Story: This magical girl and her shaggy friend are carefree, taking on missions as they please. This girl shines bright, sometimes blinding her enemies. Her shaggy partner has to sometimes give her a reality check that not everything is shining.

>$15- Includes a headshot of the characters
>$25- Includes headshot and chibi of both characters
>$40- Includes headshot, chibi, and scenic halfbody of both characters
>$55+ Includes all previously mentioned art + fullbody art of both characters
Base is by Ryno-Chalklut on DeviantArt!
Designs by Esmahasakazoo/Me

Samples These are examples of finished art

Esmahasakazoo's portfolio

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