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Magnifying glass
Jacob Martin
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[YCH] Post-Practice { $1 24 HOUR AUCTION }
any species/gender!

This is on a super sale to help get some of my stuff moved on out! After you've won the auction, you can choose to pay more to get another tier's rewards !

Paypal (USD) only!
- Payment due before work is started!
- any species/any gender!

- Please have a reference of your character ready!


$1-$15 Colored sketch
$16-$25 colored/shaded sketch
$26+ colored/shaded/cleanly lined
AB - +nude ver

Take a peek in my portfolio for examples of how this will be shaded (if applicable)!


My commissions are open as well! Take a peek here if you're interested!

Samples These are examples of finished art

Cowbrain's portfolio

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