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sexy anime girl ych
Beautiful pony or any species you want (furry, Female, male or futa)

Important: your commission will be ready two to three weeks, or much earlier, from the day the payment is made, I will send you constant updates and entitled to modifications before coloring.

<3 prices:

35$ Basic coloring and lines , basic lights and shadows .
50$ Detailed Color and line, Detailed and complicated shades and Lights.
80$ You can get a benefit of 3 extra versions as you ask, (futa, feminine or boy)

+$30 I can offer more, with background of your preference
+$25 nsfw version
+$100 PSD

Important:for less than $ 30 (basic color) you will get nothing. can be negotiated at the end of the private auction

NOTE :Payment must be made within the first 48 hours of winning the commission, if you do not have to pay, or do not mind the commission, please DO NOT AUCTION, and allow others if they want to auction.

-Always gift different versions, a version with a white background, with a basic color background and versions in jpg and png

-you can choose the clothes you want
-you can change the size of the breasts
-you can change the facial expression
-The character will be drawn in the position shown
- Ears / horns / wings, etc. are added at will. Everything changes to your - character
-If you want some special edition you must have a link of reference
-The winner must respond within 24 hours, otherwise the commission will be suspended
-you can modify the times you want, before coloring, if it is after coloring the drawing, you are not allowed a modification, unless you pay an added cost, the moficiaciones are only when I send you the lines and sketches in clean.
-.I will send you constant updates
Ask any questions

Payment Metod: Paypal

Please, consider Paypal fee at the time you pay for the draw.

Thank you for participating!

DISCORD: Shiroart#9509

MAIL: [email protected]

Samples These are examples of finished art

Shiro_art's portfolio

Questions and comments Be civil and on topic

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Would the starting bid / under $35 be a lined sketch like the picture?
Hello how are you doing? Excuse me my friend, for less than 30 you will not get anything sorry for that, the maximum auctioneer, even if less than 35 is entitled to the commission (does not mean that he paid less than 30), the final price of the drawing is negotiated to the private .
I just realized this, I thought it was for linework as well. Forgive me for not fully understanding this auction, I even bidded on another auction from you. Could the person that bidded before me get the opportunity to win? That is if I win, can it go to the other bidder?
Hello, do not worry ... contact me at the discord and I can make the commission by lines, to both auctions and I give these auctions to the person who auctioned previously. I can make you $ 10 for each line drawing. My discord is Shiroart # 9509. I wait for you

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