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King is dead
Hail to the king )


- Any Species (pegasus, unicorn, changeling, furry, dragons sharks MLP etc...
basicly anything that fits in that pose
- OC or canon character(s)
- It's just a sketch. The finished part will look much better, I draw in semi realistic style )
- Ability to change the outfit and background

Auction Rules:
1. Payment must be made in 48 hours after the auction ending.
2. PayPal only.

Starting bid - $30
Minimum bid - $1
If the amount comes out at $ 60, you have a detailed background
NSFW version from 70$

If you win:
1. You need to have a reference picture (not text)
2. I'll contact you via site CRM system in 8 hours after auction ends
3. Payment immediately after you take invoice, I will start work after payment
4. Only in USD
5. If you don't pay invoice in 48 hours, then I close auction
examples of my art is here:

Samples These are examples of finished art

Oks1Fox's portfolio

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