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Starting bid

Tie m' please
Any | Female characters only

Only for Legit and Confident Bidders.

Rules and Guidelines
* Transaction will be transferred via Paypal.
* Advance payment or partial payment will be recommended for both traders.
** Any Anthro species reference is Ok (Pony/Human/Furry) :3
* The Expression of the YCH piece and the pose are possibly can be modified
*** Lastly After the auction ends. the winner shall be contacted within 2 days using this site. make sure you are able to reply afterwards.

SB- Default
MI- Default

Tiers and Perks:
25$+ - Includes background (Choice)
35+ - Include 2nd OC. (male / female) of your choice of perspective.
100+ and beyond - NSFW >:3 you naughty friend
ADDED >> Choice of lineless artwork is now applicable.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Sanddb's portfolio

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