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Custom Commission Auction!!

This is a commission auction! Plz read the description and be sure you're okay with the rules <3

- Paypal only
- no payment plans
- don't bid if you don't have the money right away.

Things I draw:
Female and male OCs of all species: Humans/Furries
Chubby charas
yaoi and yuri
Monster girls/boys

Fetish I draw:
- Foot fetish
- bondage ( soft )
- Futa
- girls in sexy clothes like maids, schoolgirls and so on
- soft pet play
- would draw a lot of cum
feel free to ask me about it on social media!!

Things I don't draw:
- anal sex by women
- too heavy fetish stuff
I don't draw a lot of fetishes tbh just ask me about it on social media before you bid!
- Military clothes or anything related to that
- heavy armor of all kind ( sexy armors are fine )
- guns ((except water guns or other cartoony guns ))
- feral porn or ferals
- I'm not the best at drawing mechanical parts. I prefer not doing it tbh

Plz look at my art first to get a good idea what I draw and prefer to draw and if my style fits your commission idea!
even if you win I have all freedom to refuse to take your commission if I feel uncomfortable with the idea!

The commission can take 2-3 Months
If you end up wanting a dakimakura commission it can be 3-6 months

About edits:
edits are not included in the base price of my commission!
they come with higher bidding
edits can be clothes, cum versions, dicks/dildos on the edge from the picture things like that.
I will not make extra background versions like night and day time

If you choose to have Penelope in your commission she will NOT be doing soft pet play and I will NOT draw her as a futa!! She is not available for fetish artwork except Soft bondage, foot fetish, sexy outfits

For OCs that are based on a fetish, like OCs with super huuuuge boobs, tights, ass, bellies I will not take such an OCs as long I'm not allowed to give them proportion that fit my other artworks (( chubby is completely fine ))
Just show me your OC if you're not sure!!

The winner will be added on discord so we can stay in contact while I work on the commission!


Chara with simple BG SFW or NSFW

Chara with a more complex BG and one edit

Step by Step gif + one more clothes edit
You can add a second character to the picture, can also be Penelope or any of my other Ocs

instead of a step by step, you get a speed drawing Video of your commission
You're free to choose a Dakimakura commission at this point with 2 edits.
( I can only make a step by step gif if you choose the dakimakura commission)

Feel always free to contact me on my social media for questions. I will not really read them here!
Thanks for reading all this and sry that it is so long! I just wanted to cover everything!

Samples These are examples of finished art

RainbowScreen's portfolio

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