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Hagalaz ★★★★
Starting bid
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Pony Mystery Adopt


~Unicorn pony~
Gender: female
Comes with a flat art of her.

• Bid goals •

Tier #1 ($20 and higher)
Basic reference, cutie mark added.

Tier #2 ($40 and higher)
Advanced referenced with extra poses added (max2) + cutie mark PNG.

Tier #3 ($80; auto buy)
Advanced referenced with extra poses added (max4) + cutie mark PNG + extra bonus art SFW/NSFW.

~Payment method~

• Only PayPal.
• 48 hours to pay.
• Please, check the currency before sending the money. The price is in USD, and it must be chosen for sending AND receiving. Thank you.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Hagalaz's portfolio

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