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Languages: RU/ENG

Starting bid: 8$
Minimal increase: 1$
Autobuy: 20$ + sketch

Serious bids only

- Any gender
- Any species
- OC or canon characters

If You win:
• You need to have a reference picture (not text)
• Payment must be made in 24 hours after the auction ending
• I will contact with the winner via email or CRM or Paypal, so make sure you'll be able to answer me.
• Art will be finished in 2-15 days

* Only Paypal - USD $ and RUB ₽

I begin to draw after full payment.
If there is no response or payment, I will move on to the next highest bidder or I will restart auction.

See my portfolio for the examples:

You can find more my art here:

Thank you)

Samples These are examples of finished art

Midnight_Bats's portfolio

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