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Sexy girl any race

Hello! It's just a sketch.
I'll draw your character in this pose!
$ 5 - lineart.
$ 10 - base color and base shadows.
$ 15 - detailed drawing, full color and shadows,
$ 25 - detailed drawing, full color + nsfw version.
- female
- Any race (Neko, Furry, Human, Anthro, Elf)
- Any hairstyle
- Outfit of your choice
- Simple colored/textured background
- Payment must be completed within 48 h after you win the auction.
- If payment was not made on time, the auction will be closed and restarted.
- PayPal only (USD)
- I'm starting to draw after payment.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Altum-San's portfolio

Auction questions

You can ask questions here. Please keep your questions civil and on topic, if you fail to do so your questions may be removed.

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Do you accept futa/dickgirl/trans characters?
No. Female only.
Can you change the guns? I have 2 others I have in mind
Of course I can change the guns. Only need reference guns.

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