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[Human/Anthro] Hopeful [SFW]
Any Gender, Species Available!

Please do keep in mind that if you purchase this YCH I have others to do before this one and other commissions too! Thanks; I also offer up my Discord for those who prefer updates that way.

I can do Humans, Robots, Furries/Scalenes etc. I even offer ponies, but likelyhood for this YCH they will be anthro-based/humanoid. This is a SFW YCH but I can make it NSFW if you would like the character simply nude.

No matter the outcome for the YCH auction; I offer these at full colour/shaded; So it may take longer. Please keep in consideration. Do ask if you want it to be just a sketch, line art or flat though.

Samples These are examples of finished art

Loulabeiie's portfolio

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