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zobaloba ★★★
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Aaaaw, thanks! <3 (slot 2)
Read carefully before bidding, please

Finished Auctions here: ych.commishes.c.../zobaloba/

--★ Payment Info ★--

-full payment in advance.

-This is a digital delivery work (NO physical) that is delivered to the mail or website that you use in jpg or png format.

-no refund.

-NO E-CHECKS or similar (I'm sorry, guys, I need the money at the moment)

-Payment method: Paypal (USD)

-how to pay? Once the auction is over, you must send me an email so I can send you the invoice.

-Payment within 24 hours.


--★ YCH Info ★--

-Simple characters, or I can simplify it for animation. Ask if you have questions.

-Any gender/specie

-This can also be canine or feline

-Approximate work time (depending on the complexity ... between 3 and 14 days)

-size of gif: 500x375 approximately


--★ BID GOALS!!! ★--

-SB or more: sketch + flat color

-$50 or more: lineart (black) + flat color

EXAMPLE: ych.commishes.c...hanks-lt3/

-$60 or more: lineart (black) + flat shading

-AB: lineart color + flat shading + lighting + BG of your choice (can be nature, part of a house, part of a bar, etc)


Other Sites:

My Derpibooru: derpibooru.org/...files/Zoba

My Instagram: www.instagram.c...ych/?hl=es


Thank you for reading! ツ

Any questions you have, write me in the comments! ^^

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