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Slot 2!!!!!
The first slot has already been bought! Who wants to be slot two?

Any species!

Only PayPal (24 hours).
!Please note: the cost of work does not include commission PayPal(for example: if the work costs $ 10, then I should receive a payment of $ 10)
Thanks for the understanding :)

Write your wishes for the picture, if any. I will try to do it if possible;)

Work will be done within a week.

...also you can order picture (not auction). This is simple.
Write what you want, came a roar and a photo from the Internet or your sketch (clothes, posture, background).

to contact me:
instagram @sweetymilk89 (preferably)
discord @sweetymilk
mail: sweetymilk@inbox.ru

P.s.: I apologize for the poor English, it is not my main language.

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