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Magnifying glass
Starting bid

Successful hunt [Fallout]
blood warning

I love drawing and painting monsters <3
This is a sketch version, the final one will be less messy/sketchy.

Starting bid: 45$ [Grayscale]
60$ -> Flat colors
70$ -> Digital painting with shadows

If needed:
+10$ for extra pony in the picture in grayscale
+15$ for extra pony in the picture in flat colors
+20$ for extra pony in digital painting with shadows

- Any gender
- Any race / species
- If you have any specific clothing/armor/weapon you can send me them to draw!
- I can change expression if You would like to.
- I can add / remove wounds and blood splashes.
- Payment via PayPal within 48h after first contact with me.
- No refunds.
- I have the right to post the picture, you can obviously post it as well.
- Contact e-mail: [email protected]
- In the end You’ll receive high resolution, 300 dpi artwork [png/jpg/pdf].

Examples of coloring styles:
Grayscale: ych.commishes.c...airs-nsfw/
Flat colors: ych.commishes.c...s-postapo/
Digital painting with shadows: ych.commishes.c...-postapo-/

Samples These are examples of finished art

Remange's portfolio

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