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Sniping protection Sniping protection enabled Bids in the last 10 minutes extend the auction
Automatic bidding Auction on sale This auction is being offered at a discounted rate


You will get full no watermarked drawing after winning the auction, also you get all rights on this character.
SB - $10.25
Min- $2
If bid gets to
$15- unlock NSFW version;
$30- you unlock closeup portrait;
$55- get one SECRET BONUS drawing of this character ;) (can be SFW or NSFW)

This adopt is:
-For persinal use only (not commercial!)
-Can be sold if needed.
-Can be named and get story by the owner.
Ask if you have any questions. :)

-Bid responsibly(make sure you're able to pay).
-PayPal/US Dollars
-No refunds

If you won auction follow these steps:
1. Write me a PM (private message).
2. Pay through PayPal within 48 + add PayPal convertation fee (about $1-2, but may be more. It depends on the amounth of money you send)
After payment is sent, you’ll receive full JPG/PNG version of drawings without watermarks!
Bidding on auction you agree with all the rules ! :)
Thanks for reading all the information!

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