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couple YCH ~

RE RUNNING IT, so SB is 10 dollars!

♥ They both comes as one slot ♥

♥ I draw anything (the pose stay as it is in YCH example)

♥ Payment via PayPal or kiwi (USD) in 24 hours!

♥ I start to work after i receive the money ♥

Provide you with a sketch in 1-3 days (u can edit the work at this step) and then i'll continue to work for 3-7 days, after this you'll get jpg/png full art~

You give me a pic references of characters u want me to draw (1 or more per each) and please dont forget to mention important details if reference dont have ones (like earrings or spots etc)~

♥ EXAMPLE: portfolio.commi...show/2RFS/

♥ EXAMPLE with background: portfolio.commi...show/2VMS/

♥ OTHER ART examples (portfolio): portfolio.commi.../Leon_4an/

i also can change laptop with something else or just erase it ^^

!no refund

thank you for attention! <3

Samples These are examples of finished art

Leon_4an's portfolio

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Очень мило с:
aww man I was sniped
I'll bid $15 if you'll allow it
sorry, the auction is over by now! but you can follow me for the next one (i do have an open ouction rn if u interested)
I know its over. They bid at the last second so I couldn't bid against them

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