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Welcome to my most recent Project of 3D ponies! As a fan of the ponies that I am I decided to go to the next level, I have several slots available so, everyone who auctions will receive a 3D Pony! can be an original character or a canonical character MLP series: FIM.

what do you get?
- A pony (pegasus, terrestrial, unicorn) in 3D
- a basic pose for this pony, you will be sent previews of said pose so you can see the progress of your order.
- the pony can be animated! If you want your pony to be animated, you must pay an additional $ 25. (basic animation)

remember that the payments will be received through paypal, the pony will begin to be made once the payment has been made. Any doubt do not forget to leave a comment! have a nice gave

Samples These are examples of finished art

Berry-Bliss-Sundae's portfolio

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can you make any 3-d image?
Yes, I can, the sample image is three-dimensional in fact. Do you want any particular image? :)
I like talk in private.
You can contact me through this email: [email protected]
Are you selling the model files too?
For now we only sell the final render of the character you want :)

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